January Full Moon 2019

January 20-21 Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse

The January Full moon has been known as The Wolf Moon! Have you howled yet!?

During the start of these bitter cold, and sometimes harsh, winter months, we can learn a lot by watching and embracing qualities of the Wolf. Wolves tend to stay in packs, and each member has a specific role to play in contributing to the wellbeing of all. When we, as a community, turn towards one another for shared wisdom and support, doing our part to help each other stay warm and stay safe against the bitter cold, we can survive a lot better than trying to make it all on our own. As the cold and darkness of winter sets in, physically and emotionally, it’s really helpful for us to lean on each other, to embrace support and to lend a hand.

This year, the Full Moon also happens to be a Blood Moon (meaning it will appear with a reddish, brown glow) and a Lunar Eclipse (meaning the moon will slowly be covered by Earths shadow).


Full Moons are a time to acknowledge the things that have come into fullness, to embrace what brings you joy and cause to celebrate.  It’s also a time to notice the ways in which you’ve been off balance, and reflect on what you can do going forward to find your center, bring more balance into your life and sustain your goals so that you can find consistent reason to be joyful, grateful, and engaged in your life.


This Full Moon is in the sign of Leo, so it’s all about checking in with the ways in which you shine, how you avoid shining your light, or where you’re jealous or judgmental of others shining theirs. It’s so important to practice authenticity around this time, and to bring that into your daily experience going forward. This moon brings with it energy of the heart—a major center of our ability to process feelings, to connect with our intuition and our inner guidance system, to circulate blood/energy throughout the body, to love and be loved. So you may also find that you’re recently feeling all kinds of things come up for you in the areas of love and self-worth. Are you looking to others to define you, make you feel worthy, fill a void? Are you avoiding being honest with yourself in the hopes of having someone like you more? If so, why? At what cost?


If you’re feeling lonely, it’s normal. If you’re feeling more social because you’re lonely, it’s normal. If you’re feeling more withdrawn because you’re lonely, it’s normal. There’s a lot of anxiety attached with this moon energy because it’s so heart-centered, and that can be really confronting for us. Especially if there are patterns or traumas or dynamics we’ve been avoiding looking at, because full moons shed light—so if you find yourself feeling anxious or wanting to avoid yourself or your feelings, it’s okay. You can find solace in friendship or nature time, or cuddling up with your favorite TV show or movie, but do so coming from the place of knowing that at some point, in order to feel clearer and more grounded, you’ll probably have to deal with what’s been coming up. It’s okay to wait until you’re ready, but the caution here is that procrastination will most likely leave you way more drained then if you just faced the things head on, allowing for the acknowledgement of your fears/insecurities, then the release, then the nourishment of remembering that you’re safe, you’re loved, you’re worthy, and you belong here. You belong here.


We may also be asked to get in touch with our inner-child during this time, so many of us will probably have old memories come up, or our voice may change depending on who we’re talking to (reverting to a more child-like sound), or feel certain feelings we used to feel a lot as a child that we maybe haven’t felt (or allowed ourselves to feel) in quite a while. It’s all good. Just breathe. Take breaks and relax when you need to, but the opportunity here is to allow all the things to come up, to come into the light, and then to be embrace, worked with, and used to help you find a new sense of personal power and connection to your dreams, how far you’ve come, what you really think/feel about your worth and your capacity to love/be loved.


You might also feel like time is escaping you, like you’ve got so much to do and no time left to do it. Laugh, smile, breathe. We’re all feeling it. It’s all going to get done, and what doesn’t get done “on time” will leave space for getting, perhaps, some more important things done – maybe you don’t meet a deadline but you were able to have an incredible night with best friends, or go visit a family member, or cry on your bedroom floor after allowing old memories to come up and be processed and washed away by your tears.


Change is upon all of us! This is a new year, and there’s also a lot happening on the planet energetically and physically, so all we can do is do our best staying in our own personal experiences, and let things change from day to day, week to week, month to month, with a courageous openness and ability to stay connected, to open our hearts maybe even just a little bit more, and allow ourselves to be in awe of the magic and wonder available at all times!!


This is not a good eclipse for making sudden changes or for uprooting, being impulsive or rebellious. If you’re going to make a sudden change, think it through. It’s a good time to have fun, to laugh more, to appreciate more, and to be patient and allowing of things to change as they will in their own time. Less force and more joy is a big theme for this full moon! More JOY! What brings you joy? Who brings you joy? Where in your life do you feel cut off from joy?

Alyson Miller