January New Moon 2019

January 6, New Moon

Womanspirit Rising


Under the sign of Capricorn, this new moon energy brings with it a sense of purpose and a desire to self-express—and to be acknowledged for it! Go with this new sense of purpose and practice being willing to self-express in ways that make you feel joyful and at ease—especially if you think it makes you look dorky or unproductive!! We might want more approval and acknowledgement from other people this month but we don’t have to listen to it, or drop our needs in its pursuit. We’ll feel a whole lot better if we can stay as connected as possible to what we think and feel rather than waiting for or wishing for someone else to give us an opinion.


It’s so much more important for all of us at this time to listen to what makes our hearts sing and to make that a priority! Capricorn energy is fun, enlivening, great at communicating and taking on a leadership role, and it’s also really motivated by doing things in practical, efficient ways. So play around with getting more practical about your life this month, start looking at the way you’ve been spending most of your time and energy and how you want to be, and come up with specific tasks you can start doing (or stop doing) to get you closer to that goal. Use this headstrong, focused energy to help you uncover how you want to move forward into your new year, and try not to get hyper-focused on getting tasks done at the expense of having fun. Try not to suppress your feelings and intuition just so you can keep busy and keep checking things off a list. Capricorn energy may love it when we cross rows off on our long list of things to do, but we don’t have to let that overcome us and take the process out of daily life.


If you can find a balance, you’ll begin to notice that you’re way more comfortable taking time to relax this month, in between periods of being really productive or creative or excited. Maybe plan a pajama party with friends, or wake up early to read before starting your day, or make yourself flower baths throughout the week. Whatever it is for you, make sure you take time to do things that help you feel nourished, connected, happy and at peace. That way you can keep your enthusiasm and momentum alive much longer than just working yourself into the ground and getting burnt out.


You’ll have energetic support this month to get your point across, so use that wisely as you communicate with yourself and others. And you can bring this quality of heightened articulation to refine your new years resolutions and figure out why you want the things you want and what you want to feel more of in this new year.


If you find yourself feeling confused midday, wondering how you ended up in the kitchen or how you got from page 42 of your book to 50, you’re not alone. We’re all going to, at times, feel like we’re moving really fast and like we need to slow down and regroup. So, slow down and regroup. If you find yourself feeling like you need to spend a night alone with fuzzy blankets and lots of candles, again, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of outward energy this month in contrast to the inward energy that winter brings. We’ll probably feel pulled back and forth between wanting to be out and about doing things and connecting with people, and wanting to be at home with our favorite movie baking cookies and wearing giant slippers. It’s all good.


Use the energy of clarity and communication to speak and hear your truth, follow what feels most right, and always always always look for the deeper aspects of what you do and what you want this month. It doesn’t all have to be perfect all of the time, or to look a specific way, just do you more often and notice yourself transform.

Alyson Miller