Lemon Essential Oil

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Lemon Essential Oil:

+ Detoxifies the body: aids in digestion, supports the respiratory system

 + Enhances you: a drop or two in a glass of water/day for flavor and cleansing

+ Cleans surfaces: a chemical-free way to clean your home, w/water in spray-bottle 

+ Purifies the air: diffuse at home to keep your house clean & your lungs happy

+ Mood booster: provides uplifting, positive feelings and can help reduce anxiety

+ Food booster: add to smoothies, pies, soups, juices for flavor and nourish your cells

 + Wood polisher: add a few drops to olive oil to clean, protect and shine wood

+ Weight management: use topically or internally to promote breakdown of fat 


Lemon orchards in Sicily and Calabria, Italy, not only have the optimal conditions for growing the lemon tree but also have years and years of rich family history—handing orchards down from generation to generation. Many growers are dedicated to their work and land but have had to close down the family orchards due to economic downturns.

 DōTERRA partners with farmers and provides new machinery that allows them to grow, harvest and produce this oil in one day what once took them 50 employees an entire season to do; helping to preserve the land, traditions and the ability for these farmers to stay in business. Several family orchards and distilleries have been able to expand their businesses and see the industry they love flourish. DoTERRA created “Co-Impact Sourcing” as a way to create mutually beneficial relationships between the company and their employees. The growers are concerned with taking care of their families, creating jobs, helping boost the local economy and maintain quality—all of which are accomplished through Co-Impact Sourcing initiatives, keeping passion, quality and culture alive.