established in 2018

WomanSpirit Rising is a platform that brings women together in deep & meaningful ways. 

Our offerings provide safe spaces for you to form new relationships with women and your womanhood; to reconnect to the core of who you are and the ways in which you can live a more empowered life. Our offerings also provide knowledge, resources and rituals to connect you more deeply to the earth, our collective home.

This sisterhood is inclusive, supportive and worldwide. It is a network of women excited about being a part of changing their lives and our world for the better. Our courses facilitate reawakening to what has been forgotten over centuries and resurfacing ancient wisdom in a practical, relatable way.

the vision for this company came about when Founder, Aly Miller, read this Judith plaskow quote in 2012:

Becoming involved in the women’s movement means moving from isolation as a woman to community. Through the telling of my story, I reach out to other women. Through their hearing, which both affirms my story and makes it possible, they reach out to me. I am able to move, gradually, from a defensiveness to openness, from fear of questioning to a deep and radical questioning of the premises from which I have lived my life. Sisterhood, more than an experience of community, is a community. It is a place where women can ‘get themselves together,’ begin to understand, and thus  begin to overcome, their common oppression. It is a place where women can begin to act out their new sense of wholeness, making their own decisions for their own lives. Thus the non-hierarchically structured women’s movement refuses to replace one set of authorities with another. Instead, women who have rejected the myth of their own powerlessness create in community alternatives to a stunted past.
— Judith Plaskow